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Iskender Piyale-Sheard

Let me introduce myself.

Call me Izzy. I'm a teacher, mentor, and adventurer at heart. Possibly the most postitive person on Earth and love inspiring and mentoring others to achieve their personal goals.

I work hard and I like helping others. Don't believe me? Tweet at @izzydoesizzy and we'll do coffee or have a 15 min Skype chat. Give me any problem and I'll solve it. Today, I travel around the world with Hacker Paradise, an international coworking retreat for entrepreneurs, founders, freelancers and other creatives.


What Can I Do For You?


Cool things I've done

Here are some of the most exciting things I've done in my life so far. Many of these are still works in progress, as am I.

Trip Facilitator

July 2015 - Present

Hacker Paradise

As one of the 2 organizers of Hacker Paradise, my roles incldued scouting new destinations, organizing talks, reaching out to local startup companies and influential people to arrange meetups, organizing group trips, internal talks, workshops and events, marketing, content writing, social media marketing, growth hacking, prospective candidate interviewing, and much more.

Cofounder, Web Designer, and Sales

July 2015 - Present

Nomadkit [discontinued]

NomadKit was a collection of products and services catered to digital nomads and remote workers. Before builing the business, I dug up the decision-makers of 300 companies with nothing but a cold proposal email, successfully reached and got responses from more than half, and partnered with over 15%. I also had the pleasure of designing and building the website's front-end as well as the logo.


January 2016 - Present

Clear Career

Currently in the process of creating an online Slack community, collection of resources, and writing about job applications targeted primarily at recent university graduates from humanities and arts & science programs. The goal is to inspire and provide guidance and career options for all the people who aren't sure what they want. Visit ClearCareer.ca

Founder and Photographer

May 2012 - December 2014

Snapsy Photobooth

Created a fun, open-concept photobooth for weddings, corporate events, university orientation weeks and more. Skills acquired: business development, marketing acumen, sales experience, accounting and more. (I even designed the cute logo!)

Front-End Web Developer

May 2011 - Present


A few years ago, I taught myself how to build websites using Wordpress. Since then, things have got much further. Now I primarily love building static sites using HTML/CSS and Jekyll, a static site generator.

Resources and Workshops

May 2013 - Present

The Tech Toolshed

After learning how to build websites, it quickly became my mission to spread the word. With my enthusiasm spreading knowledge, and my skill in teaching and conveying knowledge in a simple, understandable way, I started leading live workshops, webinars, and finally The Tech Toolshed, a website I built to help provide resources for people who want to further their education, build businesses, and excel in their careers.

Assistant Coordinator

May 2011 - December 2014

University of Toronto
International Programs

My role at the University of Toronto was a bit of a mish mash of different things. I was primarily responsible for the administration and coordination of the International Foundation Program (a bridging language program for prospective University students). The best part of the role was assisting and counselling current students. In addition, due to my enthusiasm for experimenting and trying new things, I was put in charge of the development of special technical projects for the programs (new digital marketing strategies, social media management, developing interactive tools, and more).

Remote As Fuck

I am a Digital Nomad

Just to make it super clear, here are some photos of me pretending to work from ridiculous places.


Get in Touch!

Want to chat about something? Bounce around some ideas? Have a coffee and talk about your next travel adventure? I'm always happy to meet new people!