I'm a teacher, continual learner, designer, speaker, developer, career coach, community builder, problem solver, traveller, digital nomad

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About me

Adventurer at heart 🌎. Possibly the most positive person on Earth. Currently the Community Manager at a coding bootcamp in Toronto called Lighthouse Labs

I used to organize international coworking retreats around the world with Hacker Paradise.

A few quirky things about me:

Work & Experience
Community Manager Lighthouse Labs
Community, marketing, and events for Canada's largest coding bootcamp. Oversee marketing operations in Toronto, Montreal, Halifax and Ottawa.
Trip Leader - Hacker Paradise
Organized international reteats for a group of software developers across the globe.
Assistant Coordinator University of Toronto
Marketing, recruitment, and community development for the Unviersity of Toronto's International Foundation Program for ESL students.
Side Projects
Bitcoin To Tulips 🌷
A Chrome extension that replaces all references to Bitcoin on Twitter with tulip 🌷 emojis.
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freeCodeCamp Conference
The world's first and only freeCodeCamp conference. Full-day, free conference, 200 attendees. Speakers from Mozilla, Shopify, Toronto Javascript, and Quincy Larson, the founder of freeCodeCamp.
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The Collector Bitcoin
Working with manufacturers in China to produce an elegant physical Bitcoin souvenir coin.
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Founder - ClearCareer
A peer-mentorship community for new grads, weekly jobs newsletter, job hacking tips and career coaching. Over 900 members.
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Cofounder - Nomadkit
A curated collection of tools, products and resources for digital nomads around the world. No longer exists. [discontinued]
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Designer / Developer
Logo design, video editing, web design, Wordpress sites, freelance marketing strategy and consulting.
Creator - The Tech Toolshed
A curated list of tools and resources for creatives, self-learners, and career-changers.
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Founder Snapsy Photobooth
Created a fun, open-concept photobooth business for weddings, corporate events, university orientation weeks and more. [discontinued]
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What people say

If you're looking to hire somebody dependable, Izzy is as cool as cucumber and as awesome as a stegosaurus with laser beams attached to its head.

Jesse Norton

From resolving conflicts to managing crises to confidently completing the administrative tasks that others balk at, Izzy throws 110% of himself into every job he does.

Heidi Priebe
MBTI Author, Speaker

Izzy is, by far, the most resourceful person I’ve ever met. When Izzy heard about my new venture, he reached out for a Skype call and gave me actionable, practical, and exceptionally useful advice.

Henry Snow
Traveller, Filmmaker

Izzy knows how to handle people without making them feel like they're being handled, diffuse tension without being preachy and he goes the extra mile for anyone who needs it.

Akhil Verghese
Software Engineer - Butter.ai

Izzy is the kind of person that will be successful in any environment because of his unique combination of work ethic, intelligence, and people skills.

Thomas Redfern
Python Programmer

He leads by example, rallying people together through sheer enthusiasm and friendliness. No matter what situation you put Izzy in, he will make friends with everyone in the room.

Melissa Choi
Project Manager - Gramercy Tech
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